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Deductions for Property Investors

Before you invest in a rental property, you should know about the property records and aspects for which you can claim a deduction.

If you earn a profit from property rental, your tax liability will be in the form of Pay as You Go (PAYG) instalments, based on your expected returns……..

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Borrowing in Your Super

An Introduction to Self-Managed Super Fund borrowing and what you need to consider

If you are considering investing in property within your SMSF, this E-Book will help get a better understanding and identify the key issues you need to consider.

There are only certain circumstances in which your fund can borrow money; which are as follows:
• In case of payments due to members or for paying any outstanding surcharges liability; you can borrow money of up to a maximum of 10% of your total fund’s assets for a period of 90 days at the most……..

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A Guide to Conveyancing

Suppose you intend to buy or sell a property, for which you will need to sign a contract. It involves a lot of legal work going into it such as preparation of the sales contract, mortgage and all other relevant documents; which is known as Conveyancing. Although you can conveyance by yourself, it is highly recommended that you go through a Licensed Solicitor or Conveyancer, so that your job becomes easier……

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Helping you Kids into Property

A must read for Parents wanting to help their kids break into the property market before it’s too late!

Are you wondering how you could help your kids into the property market before prices are out of reach. This E-Book will provide some of the most common ways parents can help their kids acquire a property.

One in three first home buyers are stuck saving for a deposit for over five years
With one third of young Australians taking more than five years to save for a deposit on their first home, there are plenty of ways you can help your kids get into the property market sooner.
The most common ways to help kids acquire a property include……………

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Guide to Off the Plan Property

When purchasing a property, one of the most important decisions to consider is whether you wish to buy an established home or buy Off-The-Plan. Having a brand-new home to suit your style and needs may be appealing, however, there are some challenges to buying Off-The-Plan that you should be aware of………………………..

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Buying Vs Renting

An overview of Buying VS Renting a home.

Not sure which way to go or don’t know the pros & cons between buying or renting. This E-Book looks at the real value of buying, the advantages and drawbacks of buying a home and the advantages and disadvantages of renting.

With the prevailing trends in the present-day market, the idea of buying a home might not seem as lucrative as it used to be earlier. With the deposit amount and interest charges increasing, you might be forced to reconsider your decision……….

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A Guide to Wills and Estates

A Will is a Legal document that allows you to distribute your assets as you desire after you have passed. To ensure that your assets are distributed accordingly and are protected after your passing, it is best to have a clear, Legally valid and up-to-date Will……………..

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